Water and Oil Indicators/Monitors - WAFER

Water and Oil Indicators/Monitors - WAFER


Working on the same principle as Flow-Mon Ltds standard flow monitors the Wafer units are a great addition to the product range. The Wafer Flow Switch is simply mounted between two flange faces. The lighter weight Wafer but still giving robust, reliable indication of flow is easier to install and remove for maintenance. The Wafer Series are considerably cheaper than the flanged equivalent.

2" - 12"

Flow Rates:
0-50LPM Min - Max upon request
Mounted between 2 flanges. (see data sheet for flange configurations)
SAE and other specials are available upon request.

Body Material:
AL = Aluminium
B = Bronze
CI = Cast Iron
CIK = Cast Iron Nickel Plated
S = Carbon Steel
SS = Stainless Steel
DUP = Duplex (F51)

Various switching options are available in a standard nylon or metal (Bronze, Aluminium or Stainless steel) enclosure box. SPDT, DPDT, 4-20mA for both safe and hazardous areas.