Gas Flow Indicators
Gas Flow Indicators Sometimes it is not necessary to indicate a flow rate in a process when the user only wants to know if there is a flow or no flow. We supply high quality and economically priced gas and liquid flow indicators. The image above is a local order we received in Singapore for Flow Mon gas indication devices from the UK. The indicator has a ball which rests on a seat and it rises when there is a gas flow through the line. Our client was a local company who was looking for a low… Read More
Flowmeters for Hire or Rental
Cooling Water Flow Measurements , Oil flow rates, Chiller Water Flow, Small pipe flows, large pipe flows. Almost any liquid application and any pipe. No need to cut the pipes or stop the process. Using EESIFLO Clamp on flow meters. Simply give us a call or email us to get the latest rates and availability. Read More